Health and Safety Risk Assessments

Health and Safety Policy

Under Section 2 of health and safety at work act and fire safety order 2006, Certain policies have been outlined to ensure human health and safety especially in fulfilling their obligations as to employees’ orders or to visitors, contractors, and general members of the public who may be affected in one way or the other by our activities.

It is a duty of Companies and other persons responsible to comply with the terms of health and safety and fire safety order. We have come up with following statement of policy to specifically cover and cater for health, safety and all welfare concerns in offering our services.

Comprehensive Health Policy Statement

The provision and maintenance of work systems that are safe and with minimal or without risks to health.

Should ensure safe or absence of risks to health in use, storage, handling, and transport of all substances deemed flammable.

The provision of necessary information, training, instruction, and supervision as is deemed necessary ensuring human health and safety in case of fire.

The maintenance of premises in a condition that is safe and without risks to health.

The provision and maintenance, at all times a working environment that is safe and without or with minimal risks to health.

Those persons not in our employment are not supposed to risks to their health and safety.

Those in control should provide an environment in which every staff can carry out his/her duty without fear.

To regularly monitor, inspect and audit all systems and procedures to ensure they are up to date.

Ensure and encourage co-operation of all parties in the operation of this policy.

Risk Assessment

It is the ultimate duty of the owner, manager or the person in control to assess the fire risk exposed to employees working in different places and takes the right protective measure. However, it is a duty of all members to ensure maximum protection of their health in case of fire outbreak.

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