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Every employer should emphasize on safety of their employees as a first priority in the work place just as they will consider their property’s safety. In addition to these responsibilities, the employer is assumed to carry out the Fire Risk Assessment regardless of the size of the building to ensure Fire Safety precautions are installed everywhere; the staffs undergo fire safety training regularly and safety doors are placed in accessible location.

Reformed regulations

New regulations regarding Fire& Safety act were published on October 2006 in the UK Fire Regulatory Reform replacing the initial fire regulatory Act 1971 and fire precaution regulation 1997/99 for workplace among other Acts affecting safety in work places.

The reform also placed all mandate on employers of high risk establishment to take control of the work place by assessing fire risk involved and put emergency plans into considerations.

Emphasizing Training to all Employees

Training should be offered to familiarise everyone at the work place to know how to put out small fires with the fire fighting equipment before it spreads. This should ensure that the employees are equipped with the necessary knowledge in case of these calamities. The assessment not only applies to the employee, but also to the neighbouring facility and passers-by.

Everyone in the workplace is entitled to follow and adhere to fire and safety regulations such that anyone found, after investigation, to have neglected the rules will be prosecuted according to the reformed regulatory Act.

General Requirements to Every Work Place

Fire Fighting Equipment

The work place should be equipped with adequate fire fighting equipment ranging from alarms to extinguishers. They should also be placed in strategic places where they can be accessed with ease.

Installation of Signs

Sufficient and relevant signs should be installed in strategic places within the premises. The responsible person should ensure that all the employees understand the meaning of each sign in the work place.

Adequate Training

The employer should ensure all employees receive adequate training in fire fighting and safety measures.

Adequate Emergency Exits

The exit route should be positioned strategically to lead people directly to a safer place. The exit doors should always be easy to open

Regular Servicing and Maintenance of the Equipment

All fire fighting equipment should be regularly tested to ensure they are working as expected

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